CBSE Affiliation No. 1900022 School Code : 07019

CMP ( primary education) resources and activities 

1.             Developing support system

 a. Development of resource room

  Audio Visual room with equipments like digital copier exclusively for primary, 29” colour TV, LCD projector, one computer with broad band connectivity,CAL/TAL register maintained as per time table. Teacher’s go to the AV room and make a record of it.

 b.Utilisation of monthly contingent fund

This contingent fund of Rs. 2000 p.m(for 3 section school) is drawn only for 9 months except for the month of May, June and March. This money is used to purchase TLM materials (consumable items)


C. Class Library


Wooden boxes with transparent sheets are fixed in the class room. Procured variety of good useful books for the students in the ratio of 1:3 like panchatantra, folk tales , hitopadesh etc.


2.             Developing effective monitoring and evaluation system


a. H.M. of KV DGQA Smt. S.Shaanthi is observing the teachers classes regularly (daily 2 classes) giving suggestion for effective teaching. Every month on or before 5th teacher's submit their lesson notes and H.M.checks the lesson note and daily log book.


b. Cluster level monitoring is a very useful and effective system and it provide opportunity for exchange of ideas amongst various KVS.


c.  the CMP meeting yet to be held.


d. Cluster level CCA competitions like group songs, group dance, skit and Quiz will be held in the month of November .


e.  Work Shop on various activities will be conducted .


f. Cluster Level sports Competitions .


3.             Re-designing Time Table


Every afternoon Monday to Friday is utilized for film shows. Every class has the opportunity to view the film every fortnight. Film show feed back is taken up. For classes 1&2 two teacher system is followed. For classes 3&4 three teacher system is followed. For classes 5 four teacher system is followed.


4.             Programme for providing exposure to the children.


a. Calendar of activity are well planned for CCA, sports, excursion, Bal Diwas, Community lunch and grand parents day are celebrated. CCA-calligraphy, poem recitation, drawing and painting, story telling skit etc conducted.


b. Regularly contributed for news letter publication.

c. Exposure through excursion is scheduled in the month of January '16.

d. Compulsory Health check up for all children.


e. In order to develop the sense of regard and responsibility towards senior citizens Grand parents day will be celebrated in the month of September.


f. PTA meeting willbe conducted regularly.


g. Subject corners in the class rooms are arranged and children's work is displayed.


j. To develop attitude of caring and sharing children were exposed to diverse food habits of states and region.


k. To improve the speaking ability of the children in English and Hindi Spoken English and Hindi teacher's are appointed and they encourage them to speak in Hindi &English through conversation, dramatization, story telling etc.