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Ripon Building homes the popular municipal complex that lies to the West of Central Station in the city suburbs. The building was founded in the year 1909 by Sir Gilbert John Elliot M.K.M Bart and Carl Minto who happened to be the Viceroy and Governer General of India at that time. The building has been named after Lord Ripon, who made great contributions regarding local self government. In the year 1913 the municipal corporation of Madras started functioning from the Ripon Building.


Valluvar Kottam

Opened in 1976 in memory of the poet-saint Thiruvalluvar, Valluvar Kottam is a massive auditorium, constructed on reclaimed land from an unused lake filled with the city's garbage and debris. The auditorium can seat up to 4000 people.


Madras Observatory

The Madras Observatory owes its existence to Sir Charles Oakeley, a former Governor of the Madras Presidency and Michael Topping Arch, a sailor and an astronomer, who was responsible for building it.

The Observatory was established for promoting the knowledge of Astronomy, Geography and Navigation in 1792 under the administration of Sir Charles, the then Governor of Madras.  William Petrie, a noted English astronomer and member of the Government of Madras, supported Sir Oakeley in his effort.  William Petrie had some five years earlier built an observatory at his own expense.  This observatory was probably the first modern astronomical observatory in the East.


San Thome Basilica

At the southern tip of Marina is the towering basilica built on the spot where St. Thomas (an apostle of Jesus Christ) was buried. This is the church of the Archbishop of Chennai - pastoral head of the Catholic community in the region.

Besides the beauty of its rising spire, this Gothic styled church has a brilliant stained glass depiction of St. Thomas' encounter with the resurrected Christ.

Some relics and a fragment of bone of the saint remain in the crypt below the altar.



Sri Kapaaleeswarar Temple

This most important Shiva temple in the city is also the most splendid example of Dravidian temple architecture in Chennai.

In the heart of bustling Mylapore, the 120 feet tall Gopuram (spire or tower), the 18th century tank and the bronze statues of the 63 Shaivite saints make this shrine a must-see pilgrimage spot for visiting devotees.

The 63 figures are carried in a procession on the eighth day of the 10-day Aruvathumoovar festival in March-April.